Guardian Care Community Foundation

Taking care of people in our community with respect and dignity has been Guardian Care’s Mission for 63 years. First, as a hospital for people of color, during a time of segregation in Orlando, and beginning in 1964, a Skilled Nursing Facility. (To see Guardian Care’s 63-year journey, click on history.)


To provide our Residents with high-quality skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in a manner that recognizes the value of human dignity at all stages of life.

Core Values

Our Core Values are providing;

  • Clinical Excellence
    • We will strive to deliver quality clinical care to sustain the health and well-being of every resident.
  • Life Enrichment
    • We will strive to provide fulfilling and rewarding life experiences for our residents.
  • Partnerships
    • We will leverage strategic resources and relationships to enhance the care we offer to our residents while always seeking opportunities to evolve and grow.
  • Empowerment
    • We will empower to do everything necessary to meet the needs and interest of our residents and families.
  • Compassionate Professionalism
    • We will perform our responsibilities to the best of our abilities, always striving to exceed expectations will demonstrating the highest degree of compassion to those we serve.

Guardian Care has never said no to a Senior, whose needs we can meet, based upon payor source. As a result, the stay of 80 to 85% of our Residents is paid by Florida Medicaid. Although we appropriate the Medicaid Program, the amount it pays our facility per day is roughly equivalent to the cost of a night in an Orlando, hotel, that provides no additional services.

Medicaid does not always allow us to do as much for our Residents and Staff, as we want to and still keep the business side going. You can help us do more now and keep Guardian Care’s Mission going into the future, by giving to The Guardian Care Foundation.

To contribute to the Guardian Care Foundation, please contact us. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Thanking and Celebrating Our History Makers

Since 2013, Guardian Care Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Guardian Care Foundation, has Sponsored an Annual Event Celebrating Our History Makers.

Over Guardian Care’s 63-year history, it has been an oasis for our Community, first, as a hospital where they were welcomed and cared for with dignity and respect, and later as a skilled nursing center that not only understands but celebrates our rich history and culture.

Many times, in its 63-year history, Guardian Care may have ceased to exist,
if not for the help and support of many in our Community. So, it is our honor each year to recognize and thank them for being an integral part of Guardian Care’s history and helping to ensure this wonderful institution continues to be a valued part of our Community.